Helping Your Child Develop

At Jan Pre-School, ongoing assessment is an integral part of the learning and development processes. We observe children to identify their level of achievement, interests and learning styles. These observations are also part of our teaching and interaction time with each child or a group. From these observations, we decide when to interact or intervene and teach the skills and knowledge and the next steps to move them forward. We keep records of pupils’ learning and understanding from that moment of teaching. These observations are also used to provide the appropriate resources and learning opportunities for children, keeping individual needs in mind. 

Every six weeks the key person reviews pupils’ progress and provides parents or carers with a written summary of the child’s development in the 3 prime areas. This ‘progress check’ highlights the areas in which a child is progressing well and the areas in which additional support is needed.

At the end of the term in the nursery, we review pupils’ EYFS profile alongside the ‘Learning Journal’. Pupils are assessed against the 17 early learning goals, indicating whether they are:

  • Meeting expected levels of development
  • Exceeding expected levels or, 
  • Not yet reaching expected levels (‘emerging’) for the age group they are at. 

The profile reflects ongoing observations and discussions with parents or carers. The results of the profile are then shared with parents or carers then passed forward to their school (with parents’ permission).